Market in Haenertsburg Village (Image Courtesy of Sandi Leigh Moore)

This year there are two great places to shop and browse all that the Spring Festival has to offer. The original venue for the Spring Festival has traditionally been the Magoebaskloof Hotel and this year the tradition will carry on at the hotel with a range stalls based there.

In recent years the Haenertsburg Village Hall has proved to be a popular addition to the Spring Festival and this year it returns again with a great mix of stalls.


AnelleAnnelle Murray Designer, Goldsmith
For elegant, timeless, handmade, designers-quality exclusive jewellery. My work is inspired by you – the individual woman, who loves to wear beautifully unique and stylish exclusive jewellery that is designed practically. The woman who wants to look good and feel good by making her own personal statement and by spoiling herself with individually handcrafted adorments. Making beautiful and special exclusive jewellery is my life, my passion and has been my dream since I was five years old!

The Raku process has been enthusiastically adopted worldwide since its origination in Japan in the latter part of the 16th century. “Raku” means happiness and it is also the name of a dynasty of Japanese potters whose works were often chosen by tea masters for the well known Japanese tea ceremony. Clay, bisque fired and glazed, is put into a hot kiln (900°C) and when the glazed surface turn to a glassy shine like melting ice the clay article is pulled out hot, then smoked in a container with organic material and finally quenched in cold water to stop the heat action. Popular modern Raku is often characterized by a velvety black body contrasted with black-stained crackle of white, blue or turquoise glaze.

2015-04-16 20.20.39Ellen van Niekerk Baking
My name is Ellen van Niekerk and I host a stall with lovely freshly baked rusks, muffins and daily made treats. I am self-employed and I bake for a living. I love spending time in the kitchen baking lovely eats that I know will brighten up someone else’s day. Let’s face it a good rusk or cookie can turn the worst of days into a lovely one. Come and enjoy a lovely pastry or buy some rusks for those slow Saturday mornings!

LieslHandmade Old-Fashioned Sweets by Liesl Stegmann
Handmade old fashioned sweets by Liesl Stegmann for those with a sweet tooth- don’t miss the handmade sweets stall. Fudge, Turkish delight, nougat, sherbet and handmade chocolates will cure those craving. Try the caramel popcorn or buy the kiddies a lucky packet, and shop till you drop while they munch away.

jjclJJ Clark Artist
JJ Clark studied art at Open Window School of Art and completed a BA Fine Arts Multimedia degree at UNISA. He lives on a cattle farm in the Limpopo province and his aim is to create art in nature that is inspired by nature. Organic shapes, textures, colours and patterns found in nature as well as the effect that light, shadow and reflection give, excite and inspire him, and through his art he tries to capture the essence of these elements. Working with and learning about Nguni cattle inspired his current theme of portraying them with soul, dignity and respect to oppose cattle’s exploitation as commercial farming commodities.

Grass Print Candle LanternPaper Republic
Paper Republic is a Gauteng based design studio that specializes in the creation of beautiful paper products. Our products are locally made and inimitably designed, perfect to use as decorations or for special occasions like birthdays, christenings, corporate events, wedding or gifts for friends. Its paper Reinvented!



Rika RaamRika Swann Jewellery
My name is Rika Swann and I have a jewellery stall. All items are hand made by myself. I started this hobby about 3years ago. It started out as something to keep me busy and also something that makes me happy. This stall turned out to be a yearly opportunity for me and every year I meet new and exciting people. The stall hosts a variety of items including necklaces, earrings and bookmarks. I also have a range of items for younger girls who like to glitter up a bit. So guys come and buy something special for your wives or girls come and spoil yourself, because you are worth it!


CoffeeQualito Liqueurs
Qualito is a small batch organic craft distillery that handcrafts whiskey, vodka, and litchi, coffee, watermelon, cranberry, melon and apple vodka fusions.
Fusion Products Our specially crafted designer drinks are all wonderful on their own to be savoured over crushed ice or as shooters, and add that extra wow factor when drizzled over desserts such as ice-cream.


weg1Wegraakbosch Cheese
Wegraakbosch Farm is an eco-friendly farm with a dairy that produces traditional Mutchli, Tilziter, Emmenthaler, Harvati, Feta and cream cheeses.





health-and-energy3Health & Detox
Health & Detox was started in the year 2000 as a small business operating from home. Besides selling health products I was also offering Ozone Treatments and got involved in working with addicts to heavier substances. I was involved in helping SANCA in the detoxifying of their patients with the Ozone Machine, and providing advise on a healthier lifestyle in general. It is my mission to inform and educate people, on the healthy alternatives. Discussing the ailments, which products may be used to cure or to benefit. Normal medicinal drugs merely pushes the disease deeper within the body tissue and does not heal the underlying problem, this causes more serious diseases such as cancer to manifest itself at a later stage in life.

image001Lime Green Coffee
Gourmet Coffee, Giant cocktails & Sexy candy that has funky color and fresh flavor. It tastes like a sweet Lime Green Coffee but looks like a cocktail.



DSC00991Stella Essential Oils and Collectables
Stella willl be exhibiting her essential oils as well as collectables including Murano glass, thimbles, pottery and her handmade cards as well.
083 953 8010